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Friday, September 07, 2012

Status report

Yesterday, I made a trip to a nearby flea market to get another Singer 337.  Just love them, and it was still there!

Then, I made the winning (only) bid on Ebay for this original manual.
My problem with tuning up these machines, is that I can't get the machine to stop sewing while it winds a bobbin.  Not a big problem. but I would like to "solve" it.

[By the way, this new blogger format is even more difficult for me to control the layout,  I keep forgetting to try doing my post in WORD then cutting and pasting it here!]

I am also doing some assorted watercolors of mangoes for a special request....


Then I came across a luscious (to my eye) quilt here, and combined her idea with an idea from my friend, Paula.  Paula showed me how to use selvedges in string piecing.  So this will be a soft, gentle quilt with hidden messages in the fabric.  This selvedge says "Paris Flea Market".  Another I will use says "Pretty Little Things".
Sort of combining "found poetry" with lovely fabric images!  I even have a pale rendering of the Eiffle tower which will become the center of a quilt block.

Meanwhile, I have been sewing one more little ruffled dress.  This one is for a 2 year old to wear to her mother's wedding.  The wedding color is pale peach.

The scraps from this sewing project are perfect for the Paris Flea Market quilt project!


Jody said...

27be careful! selvages can become addicting! i love love love your mangos and that vintage machine - ooo-la-la!

lila said...

Ye, they are I look for interesting selvedges as well as pretty fabrics!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh so lovely - all of it!!

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Your soft and light quilt is going to be lovely! Secret images and selvages are soooo fun to use! I think I may have just 1 selvage that crept into mine.

Thanks for the shout out!!!

lila said...

I'm reading "Sunday Morning Quilts", now and usig their method to organize all my scraps! Fun!

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