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Friday, July 20, 2012

Paintings in progress....yeah!

At last, I feel like painting!
These are off to a good start with these small 5X5 canvases.  Almost finished, as my style is loose!
This one, with the black wrought iron is beginning to remind me of the work of Raoul Dufy....perhaps I should go with that impression and add more black outlines....still work here!

My little corner garden retreat is the inspiration for this next one, but I have decided to make it a fanciful garden, I can paint it however I want, inspite of the drought!  The bubblegum pink watering can is authentic....
I reserve the right to change it's color  (and any other colors!) if I paint a garden chair series....

Maybe this painting could use some black lines too, outlining the man-made objects, not the plants....?


Anonymous said...

you know me and black accents.


lila said...

I think I do....not sure which "anonymous" I have here! LOL!

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