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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vacation to visit grandson in Idaho!

We have just returned from a few days in Idaho, to see our family who now live in Boise!

We stopped in the capitol building which was fabulous...all that marble and a lovely old downtown around it!  So much to do but we were there for a reason....

This little guy was the main focus of our trip.....Wes, almost 10 months old!

When we went for a walk around their neighborhood, I was very impressed with the lushness and abundance of the plants and flowers.  It is a high dessert climate.  Here a clematis the like of which I have never seen before!

Cherry trees were loaded with fruit already!

Back at home, he demonstrates a new toy from his other grandparents!  Way cool! It has flashing lights and gears! Playschool!

Another evening we took our long walk in the fabulous rose garden and green space down by the Boise River.

Truly, Boise is a lovely, easy going small city with a lot to offer!


Saturday we drove to McCall, ID where there was a 2-day mountain bike racing event.  Dr. R  set up his  tent and gave free consultations to anyone looking to improve their well-being!

That night, we headed into McCall for a meal at a Mexican restaurant overlooking the lake. [You can see the lake reflected in the windows!]  Absolutely perfect! (mango margarita for moi!)

Later we strolled by the lake.....

and rested in the cool breeze....

while watching the cutest baby in the world* discover the joys of a sandy beach!

(*the cutest baby in the world is always whichever grandchild you happen to be with!)

June projects and garden

This quilt top is to be donated to local groups whom our quilt guild helps!  I made it at our Saturday sew -in recently!

This wonderful textured piece is scraps from quilting and sewing tied together and knitted with garter stitch on size 17 needles....a really fun bath mat!

Our week of 100 degree temperatures is not helping my almost green thumb!  I do have some zinnias which are quite happy and so am I!

I'm just waiting for my first of the season "Cherokee Purple" heirloom tomato to be ripe!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Almost finished....the front yard that is! (part 2)

 Here is a close-up of our storm door with the reflected flag, yesterday on Flag Day!

We have the flag out most days, especially in the summertime!

The yard of our 1970's house has been transformed since we lost the large elm tree last spring!
 Mr. P has worked very hard!
This is a gravel (crushed rock) pathway he spread to our front steps.

 The roots of the old elm have been exposed and used to divide the area into different planting beds, most of which are covered with bark chip mulch.

Just beyond the mailbox, you can see the young maple which we are hoping will someday shade our yard again!

 Straw flowers, one of the annuals planted near the mailbox this year!

Transforming the yard has been a huge project for Mr. P!
 Now that it is almost complete, we can get away to see our son and his little guy!  3 generations getting together for a visit close to Father's Day!

We are so excited!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What a difference....part one

Just over a year ago, we lost the ancient elm tree in our front yard! It was a sad event for us, but looking back I can see it was a signal of changes which are on-going....

We planted a maple in the fall (actually planted by workers from the garden center, of course!)......and left it at that.


Meanwhile, our family was growing in numbers, very exciting......and the older grandchildren now live in world of "baby things"!  Here, 4 year old Bindley sits with a pile of little sisters' laundry (that is lots of ruffled bloomers made by me!)

Twelve year old Lilia is the perfect big sister/babysitter for the 3 younger ones!  [Bindley above and Sophie in her arms then Sophie and Nina, below!]

Mom and I were fortunate in being able to visit this family for Mother's Day!

...which left Mr. P at home,  working on his "opus"....our front yard.

To be continued with more enlarging family [our son's first baby] and the transformation of the yard....

Monday, June 04, 2012

Diamond Jubilee

Best wishes to Queen Elizabeth II on her Diamond jubilee.

I really like this illustration Emma Block of London. Available on ETSY!

It is so fresh and current! [There is that red and aqua again!]

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