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Monday, May 21, 2012

Home from a journey...with a new toy

On the way home from a Mother's Day trip to visit my daughter and her family, we found a flea market.  Inside, I found a vintage typewriter.  It is not aqua, and the case is not with it, but it works, and is so cute and petite!
A  Smith Corona Corsair Deluxe, made in England in the 1960's.
While the black in is almost gone, the red part of the ribbon works very well...and I have just ordered a new ribbon!
Rather than typing paper ( copier paper, that is, these days), I
tried using some scrapbook paper.  Fun! Now this page (left) is ready for some photos of the grandbabies.
....which brings us to the sad confession that in the emotional
packing up and leaving my daughter's [after a photo session of 4 generations, Mom was traveling with me] I went off and left my camera on the table of the foyer!  SO no photos of my trip for this blog or for "scrapping" until my camera catches up with me!

Daughter Laura (the blonde) just posted this on Facebook.  Now I have a photo to see my grandbabies, and Mom!


Queen of the May
My daughter's birthday is May 1st.  I have always wanted to make this quilt, "Queen of the May" for her!....I saw one very similar in a local flea market for under $30.00 but it was quite ragged and full of holes. Very pink though... and scrappy! So, I am inspired to try the block soon.

While at Laura's I bought her a flat of begoinias which she planted.....then I got out my paints...

Watercolor sketch


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What happy times! You have such a sweet family! Hope your camera finds it's way home soon! Enjoy your week, my friend!

Sandi Holland said...

Family pic brings a smile. Wonderful idea to type on scrapbook paper. No cutting and pasting typewriter text elements for you! Don't you hate it when you can't do something WHEN you want to? Like your pics in your camera? You'll get them eventually, but you didn't have them when you wanted them. :(

lila said...

Thanks Diane and Sandi!
I'm just hoping the camera is here for my next trip soon to see my other grandson!
Meanwhile I can read blogs!

Shopgirl said...

Always love seeing family, so devoted, and the typewritter is a little gem. I look for them, but never find one. I think that it would be fun in some of my crafts.
Love, Mary

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Everything is so wonderful - and what a darling family you have - looking forward to more photos.

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