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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Though the Internet is loaded with recipes, sometimes a cookbook is nice to hold and use!
I think this in my current favorite!

Tonight's dinner, "Nouvelle Chicken Veronique"! It is easy, and delicious. It uses red seedless table grapes instead of the traditional green grapes. I substituted champagne vinegar for the balsamic vinegar (because I had no white wine in the house and didn't want to run out for some...I thought the "white" taste of the champagne would work. It did!)

Here is a link to the recipe....I know you will love it!

P.S.--Wini Maranville, the cookbook's author came by with a comment, recommending a salad with blue cheese to compliment the grapes. [coincidentally, I had served romaine with apples and blue cheese with this dinner!]


Shopgirl said...

Looks and sounds yummmmie...Hugs, Mary

wemoranville said...

Thanks for sharing my recipe. I especially like it served aside a green salad topped with some blue cheese crumbles....the combo of warm grapes from the chicken dish and blue cheese on the salad is dynamite!

Thanks again for sharing.
Wini Moranville
Author of the Bonne Femme Cookbook

lila said...

Wini, thanks for leaving me a comment! Yor recipes are wonderful.
Funny, but I did have a green salad with apples and blue cheese...wonderful with this!

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