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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Yesterday's project......

A Union Jack pillow, perfect for an armchair traveller!

I made the pillow by the dimensions of the bag of fiberfil....18"x 13". Then found wonderful ribbons to sew on for the crosses....

Before starting this, I had seen many creative take-offs on this idea by using Google "Images"...some were even done in soft pink and green shabby chic colors and floral fabrics. One was by British artist, Ann Carrington, and was made from worn blue jeans....create and "fly" any "flag" you like! The flags which feature "crosses" certainly will work well....Sweden? Norway? [I do have ancestors from the Yorkshire I suppose I can claim this one!]

My current knitting leggings for the twin infant granddaughters from Bernat's "Baby Jaquards" yarn.

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