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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Today's forecast is for 109 degree record breaking high temperature!

It is definitely time to "play inside"! We had a buffet of cool salads for our supper last night....and tonight may be sandwiches....too hot to cook!
My energies turn to quilting when I can't get out of the house....(though a movie could be a good idea! theaters are so air-conditioned!)
My friend Liz brought this antique quilt top to "share" with us last night. She found it in flea market. I think it is called "Russian Sunflower". It definitely deserves to be quilted!

The fabrics are from the 1930's.

[ Sorry, the heat made the photo out of focus!]

My flea market find was this doll cradle...not too old but perfect for when those little granddaughters come to visit.

A pile of scraps and "Triangles on a Roll" (paper piecing guides) are the beginning.....

and after a few quiet hours, a doll-sized quilt top is ready!

[The heat is having it's effect again...LOL! Of course, with twins, I will have to make several quilts for multiple dolls....I'm sure it will not be a bother!]


Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

What a lovely old quilt.

And the fun of making doll quilts - a little girl(s) can never have too many doll quilts.

Wow - the temperatures - glad it is cooler here - but I won't tell you how nice and cool, or you might cry.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The antique quilt top is gorgeous! The colors are still so vibrant! And your little cradle and quilt are precious! Stay inside and stay cool! ♥ I hope the heat breaks soon! ♥

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