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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beautiful zinnias have been the best thing from the garden this hot summer!

A friend gave me seeds for the green zinnia variety. That new color certainly "cools" down the bouquet!

For months, I have been reading about making mozzarella and ricotta. I have collected the supplies, citric acid, milk, thermometer, rennet, pans and all....finally Saturday I was ready!

It was my first try, and a long story.....I ended up with some curds, and finally.....


A lot of ricotta (and at least 3 quarts of whey).[ I agonized over a great way to use that whey (hate to waste anything! And decided since using it in baking wouldn't happen until the weather cools and I didn't have room to store it in the freezer or fridge....that probably using it for a bathtub treat would do...I did read that drinking it could make your skin glow and remove redness! so many possiblilties!]

This beautiful ricotta (below) was used with an eggplant to make Rachel Ray's Eggplant Lasagna.


Another thing I have been wanting to do was to piece a "Russian Sunflower" block. In honor of our drive across Kansas this summer. [And because my friend Lizzie found a entire wonderful scrappy quilt top of this pattern in a flea market recently!]

It is an old Kansas City Star pattern and I found it in a book called, The Sister Blocks" by Edie McGinnis.
My block......

Lizzie's quilt top....


One more topic.....where had the shine in my hair gone to???? Even with gentle natural hair color products, there were days when I felt like I now had straw on my head!

Thankfully, I found this wonderful product which makes it glow! A spritz or two on dry hair and wow!

And this one, which Good Housekeeping loved in their recent makes the hair stronger, softer and shinier!!!! ...... I feel much better now!!!!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'll definitely look for those hair care products! I need extra help when we are in Florida with so much SUN! And the quilt top is beautiful! WOW! Love your pretty flowers, too! You'll have to check my post today to see what I've been up to...wish you were HERE to go with me! ♥

Janet said...

I'm just back from a long blog break and I see you've been busy. Your ricotta looks fantastic. I've never tried anything like that.

Love the quilt block. My dad's family lived in Kansas and I've spent quite a few summers there on their ranch. Seeing your quilt block with the sunflower brought back lots of memories.

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