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Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm just home from a trip to visit my grandkids on part of their Spring Break....a beautiful time of year! The pollen was really heavy, so they washed my car!!!

They had a new soft-serve ice cream machine to enjoy....and the "almost 12-year-old granddaughter" became a master at making it!

Her little brother was a master at eating his own style of course!!!
My granddaughter was busy with her friends and her cell phone, but the grandson was good at shadowing me...he is also a master at stopping up toilets with too much toilet paper and locking bathroom doors when no one is in there....oh the fun and challenges of early childhood!

It was a good trip, a long drive with lots of wisteria and dogwoods to see....

this fabulous arbor of wisteria was a Crowley's Ridge rest stop on the Interstate in Arkansas.

And once I reached my own front yard, I was rewarded with a much anticipated sight....

remember these "Main Performance" daffodil bulbs given to me by my friend, Paula?

They are blooming...large and bold and bright yellow with just a hint of orange around the "trumpet". I hope they come back bigger and bettter each spring!
Now back to making those quilts for the twins to be born in June...2 little girls in the family I just visited.

[My son and DIL are having their first in late August. We will be told the apparent gender of that baby in a couple of weeks....]

Looking forward to a great summer here!


Piecefulafternoon said...

What an exciting trip - wonderful photos. And more babies - oh the world is so full of joy!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Congratulations on the new family members who will arrive soon! I'm supposing you'll be spending more time in Atlanta soon!

Bettyann said...

wonderful trip...brave woman with your grandson lol...congrats on the coming new additions..thanks for visiting..have a great week..

Shopgirl said...

Doesn't get much better that this!!! I know about the TP useage with grandkids, it is amazing..Have a great weekend, Mary

gemma said...

dearest Lila...I've been thinking about you and family especially during this latest batch of storms blowing near you. Be safe.

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