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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Special post for Kathleen!


the quilt is called "Topsy Turvy". It was in the autumn issue of quilter's Newsletter Best Weeken Quilts magazine.

Today, our new computer is not working. This computer is not hooked up to our scanner or able to share photos....or I could scan and send the directions to you. [The photo is of something similar...more blocks fewer fabrics in it!]

I can't find a phone # for you (I will keep looking).

You will need 16 different 10 " squares.

Basically, you just stack the 2 10" squares of fabric on top of each other, face up.

Cut off a right and left side piece, leaving a long chunky middle. From this middle, cut off a top and a bottom piece.

NOW switch the centers. Stack all the pieces in such a way that you can remember where they belong on the block. GO to the sewing machine and sew these two blocks. Repeat until you have made 16 block.

Sew into rows of 4 blocks......quilt as desired!


Note: I am back up with the scanner, here is the diagram!

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