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Monday, February 07, 2011

A day or so ago, I had just posted about making my heart pillow with the hand crocheted doily [on my "Lila's Quilt's" blog] when I saw a similar doily on Garage Sale Gal's blog! I like the way it is framed with the key..."key to my heart" obviously!

Both of us had found these doilies in the resale market, mine was in a thrift store here in Arkansas, hers in Minnesota. This tells me that there must be a pattern out there for this crocheted heart doily....I wonder how many are in the resale/thrift stores this month!

Later---after looking through more images on Google I found this crocheted heart for sale . also offers a similar heart in a 6" "factories" in the far east are making these too...


Janet said...

I can tell you for sure there are exactly zero in the shops around here! I never find interesting things. Just baby clothes and stuff no one would ever want. I think your pillow and the framed piece are equally beautiful. I'm sure there are plenty of heart crochet patterns. In fact I think I have one but it's for a small sachet. If you would like a copy let me know.

Piecefulafternoon said...

I googled crochet heart and clicked images and found so many - and each so different. Some for sale reasonably and some way over the moon. Also many patterns

My favorite pattern that I have is for a small heart shaped pincushion or a sachet. It has ribbon woven through the outer edge. I just love heart designs.

lila said...

i too had searched on-line with Google. I don't think I would crochet one anyway, but the hunt is fun!

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