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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Before the snow comes again (tonight).... I joined many of my fellow shoppers who were suffering from cabin fever and in need of some "resale therapy" the local thrift stores.

I was searching for pink...just need more of it this time of year!!!!

I must have looked at a dozen pink sweaters, only to remember that this one is already coming my way, as I "won" it on Ebay last week. [It is also on QVC (which I have NEVER watched!), item #A66504--in case you NEED one]

Two pink long-sleeved T-shirts did find they are in the background behind a pink dish of Dove Valentine chocolates and a "new" (thirft store) romantic historic novel. Yes, I am now ready for a snow day or two! LOL!


Piecefulafternoon said...

Good preparation, now you will be in the pink.

lila said...

Thanks for the cute quip, JoAnn!
I am ready as long as we don't lose power!

Suspinz: Dabbler in Many Things said...

Your choice of a Sarah Dunant is a good least I like her work. And did you know that the folks who predict colors for the coming year have chosen a color they call "honeysuckle" for 2011? It is, believe it or not, a pink. (Or magenta, or cerise, or some such strong pink.)

lila said...

You know, I had a discussion about theat "honeysuckle" with a friend of mine. Then I Googled pink honeysuckle images....sure enough there were lots, apparently a variety we dont see too often! Viva la pink! LOL!

Julie said...

I think you will really like "The Birth of Venus". Today my sister and I went thrift shopping too. Everyone here was celebrating "February Thaw Fever!"
I can't believe how cold it got down there. We've only been a few degrees colder a couple of times this year. Here's to spring!

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