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Friday, September 03, 2010

My spirits have been lifted several times this summer by things which come in the post!
----First the wonderful Round Robin canvas book project initiated by Carmen. This week, I was working on the last of the 9 art journals to come my way.
Below is my page for Ileana, in progress. It is a recycled watercolor which I have cut with an exacto knife to make an arched "door", tied shut with red and gold trim. The word, "BELIEVE" is added to the floral painting.....

Opening the doors reveals the collage inside under a couple of misty layers of golden chiffon. The text now reads, "art saves our dreams". Now, I am off to "antique" and glitter (with more sparkly gold) the inside of the doors which are too stark at the moment. The finished page will be posted on my ARTY COLLAGES and DOLLS blog.

More cheerful mail from a friend this summer! Lizzy, sending a collage that commemorates all the "coffee visits" we have had over the years....often with other dear friends in attendance...(not that you other friends are the old woman in the window....but perhaps she represents wisdom, wise counsel?!) I know I must be represented by the pear in the chair!

Connecting with friends is SO important to me....whether you are fellow bloggers or "buddies" who live nearby. I hope to be visiting more now that my busy summer is winding down!


Carmen said...

i love love love this project too! it was super fun!
i also think that Lizzy did a wonderful job, too!
yay for friends here and there and everywhere!!!!

gemma said...

Love all of the pages I've seen that you have done in this RR. It was the most fun. Looking forward to seeing the finished project too.

Glad all is working well with your Mom. Sending love to you all.

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