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Saturday, August 07, 2010

While at Mom's house, I've been painting as if I were in Italy or Provence...

Having the clean, cool (thanks to AC!) space and no one around, has given me time to do the small 5X5 canvases for a local art center benefit. I, personally, like the one with the figs...the lavender fields are amazing too!
Now, back at our home, we are expecting Mom to arrive today!
Bedrooms are being shifted around, and it is fun to see our furniture come into a new setting. I think "upsetting the apple cart" every couple of years is refreshing! Things get to be in such a rut. Change can be good.
I was blessed to have 2 wonderful friends, Lorene and Tracie, come over yesterday and help me move all these things around. It was quite a surprise for Mr. P when he came home from work, thinking he would have to do most of it. It was already done!
Now I am off to decide which of my quilts will be best on our new queen size bed.
I may come back with some photos of my decision later...


Anonymous said...

I love your new Provence/Tuscany?Central Arkansas period of painting. Keep it up!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Lila, I love your new paintings-- They are beautiful! Cindy and I were just talking about the great visit and dinner we had at Sandra's home! Glad to hear everything is coming along with you mom's move! I know that has been a huge endeavor-but I know you will enjoy having her nearby! Oh, I told Sandra that Cindy said "Ok, tell me where does she keep her STUFF?" Maybe in the garage? lol Yes, her house was picture perfect! Puts me to shame!lol
Hope to see you again before so long!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Yes, beautiful, Lila! I would think such satisfaction comes from art (not that I would personally know that!). Cindy

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