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Saturday, August 14, 2010

More photos from Tracie's garden, where the breeze was playing wonderful sounds on the bamboo wind chimes!

French drain...

friendly ornamental owl

water feature

Wonderful patio

herringbone bricks

chiminea for lovely evenings out of doors!

I was inspired to do more in my yard...still very hot outside though!

I like to stack elements...and camouflage a "Pop out" from the sewer line....lots of help from Mr. P on this one!!!!!
a stacked bird bath.

Glazed pot holding a terracotta pot with succulents.

More seashells and succulents.

A large blue pot made by my brother and a turquoise/ taupe glazed coffee cup [unfortunately chipped :-( ]
I love the blues!!!!!
It has been so hot that inspite of watering, the cucumbers are "cooking" on the vine instead of growing!
How is your garden this August???


Piecefulafternoon said...

Lovely photos and so inspiring. My garden is doing nothing - it is unhappy and un-sunned. Have to find a different spot - that's that joy of a "new" house - you are not sure what the gardening will be like.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I saw a horticulturalist on Good Morning Arkansas this week and she said the plants are indeed "cooking" in this intense summer heat! I know the three Endless Summer hydrangeas I bought to plant are suffering! I'm trying to keep them in the shade and watered, but they look pretty miserable!
Oh, Lila--by the way--are you familiar with Sue Spargo (quilter)? I see that she is going to be teaching at the Rabbit's Lair in Rogers this fall. I love her wool applique! Have you done any wool applique?

Shopgirl said...

love this post!! our garden is doing well, but more heat to come.
Stay cool, Mary

lila said...

A true long term garden is always evolving.
The "instant" gardens on TV are deceptive, I think. we need a show which visits the sites 18 months later to see how they have "settled"!LOL!

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