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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just home from over a week in Little Rock. I'm looking forward to a great evening with these 2 gentlemen, my hubby and friend Karen. We love this Midsomer Murders series (which we reserve through the library), not for the murder, but for the quaint village scenery and armchair travel.
An even greater surprise today, was that when I opened a package waiting here for me, my friend Sylvia had sent us a spare set of this! Thanks! Many hours of fun await!


The garden is really putting on tomatoes right now, so I headed out the back door and picked a lot. Some were almost overripe! One new (to me) heirloom this year is the "Ananas Noir" or "Black Pineapple" from Belgium. I don't see much black about it. Hmmm. It is supposed to be acidic and tart.
I think my favorite is still the "Cherokee Purple" for great taste! My "Purple Smudge" heirloom is very mild and non-acidic. Oh, I just love them all! With fresh basil, of course!


gemma said...

Yum! Those tomatoes look delicious.
A baguette of Italian bread, tomatoes, garlic,basil,olive oil and mozzarella. Life is good!

Janet said...

I have just discovered "Lark Rise to Candleford" and seem to be addicted to it so I can understand your love of the Midsomer Murders.

Yum! The tomatoes look delicious as well as very colorful.

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