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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flashback to the end of May....
Mom and I drove to Georgia to visit my daughter. We went to granddaughter Lilia's dance recital. Here we are with Lilia and her roses after the recital!

Then Mom and Lilia at breakfast the next day!

Today we are still sorting and packing things at Mom's, moving her in with us by the end of the summer. All is going well with that!
I am almost through with reading "Cold Mountain". I like it a lot, Charles Frazier writes beautifully..(I just skim through any violent or upsetting parts of Civil War civilian suffering, ....could fast forward if I were watching the movie, I guess.) I especially like all the description of pioneer ways, the natural world in the Blue Ridge mountains, early gardening for survival, etc.

Hope you are having a good Sunday!


Shopgirl said...

It is good to be back in blogland, and I love the pictures. Heres wishing you a delightful summer, Hugs, mary

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your granddaughter is so beautiful..and so are you and your mom. She really has not changed, Lila! She looks just like I remember her! I'm glad you've enjoyed the you need to find Thirteen Moons by the same author. I liked it even better! ♥

Janet said...

Lilia is such a beautiful girl. What a smile! And I think you look a lot like your mom.

Glad you enjoyed the book. I always skim over parts that are too graphic or even parts that are boring when I'm reading. HB once asked me if I read every single word in a book and I just laughed.

gemma said...

How lovely it must have been to see Lilia dance. Wonderful pictures of you all.

Julie said...

Wish I could have seen more of Lilia's costume - it looked so pretty. Glad you could be there. Am at the library and have only a few minutes left so toodle-oo!

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