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Monday, May 03, 2010

Lots to report from our 3 day visit to Minneapolis! [That doesn't include the day-long drive going up and back!]
The further north we drove, the more lilacs we saw...and especially around the Interstate in
Minneapolis and St. Paul!
Our first morning there, Friday, Andrew and Mary had to be at their jobs so we were on our own. We had a slow start and then found the Mall of America which is just a few miles from where our kids live. By the time we found it, we had less than an hour to spend there. This was fine, we managed! [ I think we wanted to make the "obligatory" visit there, so we can say "yes" we were there!]

Entering Macy's I found a perfume , "Zen" by Shisheido, which I used to enjoy and bought it again.

Then we found the Magic Pan crepe stand. This was a treat, as I have been trying to learn to make crepes myself. We ordered one with bananas and Nutella, to share! It was fun to watch them make our crepe! [This link will show crepes being made in the same way near the Eiffel tower in Paris! They use Nutella on many of the crepes there too!]
We quickly "walked off" the crepe by circumnavigating the amusement park in the center of the mall.

Then off to meet Andrew at the university library where he works!

[Continued on next post...Thanks to Blogger, that post is above starting May 3]

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Mrs. Staggs said...


I've only just bought my first jar of Nutella recently. I'd never had it before. It sure is good!

My neice made a cake at Christmas using it. A sponge cake that she rolled up with the Nutella and frosted with whipped cream. It was one of the best cakes that I've ever had.

Thank you for the link!

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