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Friday, March 05, 2010

Bits of color!

This is for Cheryl, who gave us the container full of onions etc. last year. The onions are up again and in front of them I planted one hyacinth (can you find it??? still pushing up!) and a dozen pansies.


My colorful life also includes the progress made on the scrappy granny squares, someday this will be an afghan which may come in handy in keeping those heating bills year.

We learned yesterday that our 25 year old furnace must be replaced..

More bits-- these are snippets of my yarn which I put outside for the birds, don't know if they will use them in nest building or not!

My pinched nerve (or whatever it is) pain in my neck, shoulder, back and arm has returned today :-( Can't figure out what brings it on...
Like ruts in a country road, pain seems to find habitual pathways;I need a way to set up some road blocks or detours, better yet, get that road smoothed out so good energy and health can flow freely!
Working at the computer makes it worse, it seems...and sewing machines to rest now with a new novel...


Piecefulafternoon said...

Very colorful life - hope the pain leaves soon.

We found out that birds love white string when we discovered one pecking and pulling at some white string that I had used to tie up some plants. She kept at it until she got it - and it was long too. Since then I've always put out white string, thread or dryer fluff for their nests.

Laurie said...

I am sorry to hear your pinched nerve is giving you grief again.
I hope you are feeling better.
In floral language pansies mean merriment and good thoughts and hyacinth means playfulness. How perfect for Spring. Not sure about the onions!!

Bettyann said...

Sorry to hear that your pinched nerve is friend in Tornto Canada has the same problem..degenerative disc in her neck was pinching the nerve in shoulder and arm..went for surgery, better but it seems she has to really be careful with lifting, computer work..hoping your dr. can find out more for you...Yahhoo spring is here..Take care..

lila said...

Thank you for your caring comments! I will be trying the white string for sure!
Spring fever is here for sure, now to savor it, and not over-do!

Julie said...

Lila - Thanks so much for the pansy colors. Up here it is all white, white, white and fog, fog, fog. No kidding. We have had fog every day for weeks now - very unusual for ND.

Lila, I am so sorry that you are experiencing pain again but I appreciate your holistic approach to it. Now, I know you went to a chiropractor, and your son is a chiropractor (student?) but really, I think you should have acupuncture! It works!

Dream With the Fishes said...

Hi Lila, I've been checking out all your blogs and each one has such lovely things to see on it! I love your acrylics, especially the fat little birdies - so adorable! And your colors, so bright and cheery. Love these photos here of the flowers and yarns. That's a great idea, to leave some yarn scraps for the birds to use in their nests! I'd love to see a nest decorated with some. What a treat. Sorry about your pinched nerve. I've had that, also in my neck, really bad some years ago. Like you, I wasn't sure exactly what the trigger was, but for me the common denominator was stress. Anyway, I found that acupuncture works wonders for many things, including this sort of thing. Thanks for checking out my canvas journal and I can't wait to get yours and see it in person! xo Serena

Janet said...

Pansies are so pretty and they must mean spring is almost here.

Sorry you're still having problems with the pain. I hope you can find some relief soon.

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