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Friday, January 29, 2010

We're having a winter storm...and....This is my 700th post!

Here is the photo of the snowman block which I promised you. I am scheduled to teach this block of the month (which I am designing) at the sewing shop, tomorrow. However, we will probably not be open, and real snowmen will be appearing all over town!

I took this photo out the front window, a few minutes ago. Things have changed since then, we now have large fluffy flakes cascading silently into our world. This is SO much better than the relentless ice which fell a year ago! I am off work today, as everything here closes when the streets get icy. This wonderful day is all mine, I feel. I am doing some "old" (as in "same ole, same ole") things, crafts, reading, blogging. But I am trying some new things this week.

One new thing, fennel. I had never bought a fennel bulb before. Yesterday, I decided to try one. The bulb below has been oven roasted with sea salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It will be my lunch. The stalks and feathery part of the fennel are in a crock pot with a small pork loin which I browned in an iron skillet first. The fennel is under the roast which is topped with sea salt and lemon slices. We will have that for dinner. [I won't be thinking that Mr. Pear will eat the fennel stalks but they should impart a delicate flavor to the pork roast.]

My other plans for new foods include Swiss chard which I'm sure I will have to eat by myself, as well. This is a new path for me...trying to eat much less sugar ( I can't give up honey yet, though!) and switching to green tea instead of coffee. [Is this really ME???? I always loved coffee.....first thing EVERY morning!]
I can only say that the "wake-up" call my body gave me with all the pain a week ago, has made me look for a different path. The one not yet taken. It might be interesting....getting out of a rut and all! I am going to take CARE of ME this time, which includes completing a series of helpful sessions with the chiropractor in the next six weeks and seeing them on an on-going basis! [I've learned that I do love being taken care of, and even if I have to pay for it, I'm worth it!]

Of course, the skills I've had for years, sewing, crochet (see granny squares in photo), knitting are still available to me.
I just have to be careful and not overdo....same thing with typing on this computer! Here is my little Singer Featherweight which I carried up from the icy cold basement studio. I used it to make a yoga bag for my new yoga mat.
We have a wonderful local TV channel which has a daily yoga session each morning at 10:00 so I was able to do that today too! [It's great being off work! LOL!]
Much of my quiet day is left....after the fennel bulb lunch, I can read or even set up a still life and try a watercolor painting. Thank-goodness for the crock-pot, I don't have to stop and cook again!
I hope you have a lovely day too, wherever you are! Try a path not taken!


Bettyann said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better...we could use some snow here on the west coast for the Olympics...tried to cook with fennel and maybe time to try again..take care and don't overdo..

Julie said...

Dr. Storick on "The Doctors" TV show says it's a very good thing to substitute honey for sugar, so you go girl.

Glad to hear you are feeling better and that you did not get an ice storm.

Julie said...

PS - Congratulations on your 700th post!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Congrats on all of your posts! You know I think your blog is awesome! Have a nice weekend and enjoy your snow days! ♥

Macrina said...

Oh that snowman block is too adorable; aren't you going to have a give away and maybe I could win it...Ha...and the snow is beautiful here too; it's supposed to snow almost all night.

I'm glad you are come out of being under the weather...and then snow comes..

Judith A . Bates said...

What a lovely and creative blog you have! Very inspiring....

Laurie said...

Hi Lila,
Every one seems to be getting lots of snow, we just get lots of rain!
I am so sick of Winter.
I have never tried fennel or swiss chard for that matter! Maybe I am in a rut ~ I do eat lots of spinach though! I recently tried pomegranate which I love.
Hope you are feeling better ~ take care of yourself.

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