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Thursday, January 07, 2010

It has been another cold day here. The shop where I work was closed. Funny thing about the "south", we stay home when there is the least little snow and cold.
I spent today finishing this "infinity scarf" ( soft teal in photo above) for my daughter. It was knitted on size 15 circular needles using two strands of with a bit of wool for warmth. You can find patterns and get the idea of how to knit this by "Googling" "infinity scarf pattern".
I have enough yarn, in a slightly different color combination, for another scarf. I will give my hands a rest though, and start one of the library books I just picked up [yes, we called, and the library WAS open!]
I chose several books, mysteries by M.C. Beaton and by Alexander McCall Smith (he was under McCall, not Smith) all of which are set in Scotland. This will probably make me want to make more tea and scones. I also picked up a novel by the late Madeline L'Engle, "Certain Women". I love her books and don't think I have read this one!
I think of you who are in much colder areas and hope you are staying warm this January!


Julie said...

You found the best thing to do when it's cold outdoors - snuggle up and read. I'm reading "South of Broad" by Pat Conroy. It's going to be 35 below tonight. It's ONLY 13 below now. Gracie doesn't want to go outside.

Janet said...

You look so pretty in that color! I haven't picked up any knitting or crocheting in such a long time. I've been thinking of doing an afghan for myself but haven't done it yet. Stay warm!!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Wonderful cold day activities - I think tea and scones is just the thing - though it is not that cold here - and a good book.

Bettyann said...

love the snow here, just cloudy and cool..after a busy day of cleaning and chores, I think I will sew baby clothes..tea sounds about right..take care and keep cozy..

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The scarf is really pretty...and look how cute YOU look! Stay warm! Keep some of your cozy things for yourself along the way!

gemma said...

Beautiful scarf. It looks big enough to pull over your head as well. Hope you are enjoying your books. I am reading Lacuna now.
Can't believe how cold it is in the south this year. Keep warm.
Sending love

Shopgirl said...

Your scarf is beautiful, and the color is really lovely on you. Stay warm...Hugs, Mary

Loretta said...

Oh, I definitely want to knit one of those! Just the thing I need as I am always freezing lately. Off to google it and fit in a tip to the yarn store on Sunday maybe??

Britt-Arnhild said...

Great scarf.
Thank for the link to the Norwegian knitting site (you left in my blog) I do design most of my patterns myself, but always interesting to see what others make.

JG said...

The scarf you knitted is beautiful! Such a pretty color.

I had not knitted in a number of years. Over Thanksgiving I finished a black ribbed hat for my son for Christmas and he had an early gift. My Hubby liked it so much, he now has one, too. It is cold up here.

Knitting is so relaxing and it's fun to see a happy project grow!

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