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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A great idea for those of us who make things.....

This evening as the TV is being used by Mr. Pear for NFL playoff games, I am browsing your blogs!

At Colette's[A Bird in the Hand], I came across this charming badge (above) and link to Rebecca who has been helping sell handmade items from Haiti. With the current chaos Haitian artisans cannot produce many items for sale. The idea is that we can "take up the slack", so to speak and donate handmade things to raise money for this cottage industry.

I will be sending some of my ETSY listings to Rebecca and hope this will inspire others to donate to or purchase from the "Haiti by Hand", Etsy shop.

Please stop by and visit Rebecca and perhaps purchase one of the delightful creations donated to help her with the Haitian craft development program!


Wednesday update: I have been seeing Dr. Allen Roberds, chiropractor. I am amazed at how much better I am feeling, and without the aid of drugs!!!!

I am doing a small bit of knitting and sewing. Also reading. [Dr. Roberds even detected that I was a little bit dyslexic and has helped with that! ---I thought it was just ADD...going to a chiropractic doctor is an interesting journey!]

I've been back at work for short periods and today will be a full day. Our area is bracing for a winter storm, due tomorrow evening. I'm pretty sure I will be home (not at work) on Friday as everything will be shut down awaiting a thaw. We are praying that it is not a severe ice storm like last January when we lost power for a week!

Saturday, I am scheduled to teach a block of the month. I am designing the quilt blocks myself this year! They are whimiscal applique blocks. The first one is a snowman. I will post him later!


A bird in the hand said...

Lila: bless you! I saw your lovely quilt on Haiti by Hand.

Colette xo

gemma said...

Lila Hi I hope you are feeling better. Will check out the sites you mentioned. I send love

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