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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Starting off 2010 with a new "toy"!

"Holga cameras are medium-format toy film cameras that are cheaply made and known for light leaks, overexposure, vignetting and vivid colors. [see photo above] The Holga would be considered by many people a cheap clunker. But the Holga has recently made a comeback with a cult following of those who feel its imperfections make the camera mysterious and every image unique."---from "How to Use a Holga Camera" on

I am not a photographer, yet. I am an artist. As an artist, I like direct results and total control. So this little camera, where anything may happen and I can't even see WHAT HAS HAPPENED until the film develops [and that film and processing is only available in limited places...that is NOT at Walmart or Walgreens (yeah!!!)] will be a step into unchartered territory for me! I am excited about the new direction, and will keep you posted!
BTW, it is all my daughter's fault that I find myself in this situation. A week ago, I didn't have a clue about the existence of this toy.
Laura told me that she is waiting for hers to arrive. It had been ordered as a Christmas gift.
Then she showed me photos on-line and blogs which featured the camera's output. Hmmm, a new toy and it can be used for blogging???? There was no way to resist placing that order! [and wonder what I was getting myself "into"!]
Today, I was browsing through shops in quaint, downtown Siloam Springs, AR with my friend, Sally. We had finished a fine lunch at the English Tea Room and went into an art gallery/retro/vintage shop. There on the shelf was a HOLGA! I could show her what I was talking about. [I visit Sally "once in a blue moon" which of course, is today, LOL!....the art gallery had a landscape entitled, "Once in a blue moon".]
On my way home, I phoned our house. "Dear Mr. Pear" told me that I had a package I confessed that I had ordered the Holga and told him I will share...[he has been a photographer for years....we'll see if he uses it.?]
Next year (next week) I will get some 120 film (a friend has some rolls he has offered to me) and get started...just point and shoot, right?
BUT, tomorrow, NEW YEARS DAY, I plan to have a day of working in the type of art I am used to, watercolor, collage and acrylic...that is my idea of a "Happy New Year".
How are you planning to spend the holiday????


Janet said...

This is all new to me! I'll be watching to see what you do with this new toy.

HB and I are staying home tonight. We got a small bottle of champagne and we'll toast the new year at midnight. Tomorrow I plan to play in the studio all day!

Happy New Year to you and Mr Pear!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lila,
Happy New Years to you and your family.
I look forward to seeing some photos with your new toy!

Bettyann said...

Happy New Year..look forward to seeing your work with this special "toy"

Loretta said...

I've never used one but I've seen really cool shots done by others. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Have fun playing with it today!

Happy New Year to you and Mr. Pear!

lila said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

So far, my "art" has been creativity in the kitchen. I made scones and we had tea, scones, clotted cream and berry jam! Yummm!
NOW, maybe, I can do some art in the studio????

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How cool is that? What a great find! Can't wait to see what you learn! I spent the day of my favorite things to do...except that I get carried away and don't know where to stop! Happy New Year to you!

Wesley Thomas said...

Hey, you have no idea who i am, but your blog about finding the Holga inspired me to buy one for myself, i love it. i was completely smitten by the quirky outcome and its ability to make every picture individual.
Hope you're having fun with yours :)
there are some images ive taken on my blog and a link to my Flickr site to see more.

Thanks again.

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