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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Rosehips remaining.....on my mind.

The photo of these bouquets below is from Martha Stewart's latest e-mail newsletter.

Bouquets here in the pewter vessels are made with rose hips.

We have lots of rose hips around town this winter....unfortunately none are on my property! I am tempted constantly by a large rose bush in the parking lot of where I work. I see it everyday as the traffic whizzes by that corner....

I have a good friend with an abundant supply of rosehips in her garden. [Unfortunately, she doesn't live very close!]

After the beautiful roses fall, petal by petal, what remain are the rosehips. I feel that these are often overlooked but so full of possibility! I definitely will do a watercolor sketch which features them. [Even if I paint them from a photo rather than a real branch!]

Sometimes, I am able to look upon my dearth of rosehips as a hidden blessing....because if I had them, I'm sure I would be compelled to try rosehip jelly, rosehip tea and all kinds of "antique recipes" just to say that I did! [and I already have enough projects and delights everyday!]


Janet said...

I love those bouquets! I may have some rose hips right now as many of my roses just bloomed around Thanksgiving. I should go check it out. But I won't be making any antique recipes....I do good to make anything current!

Bettyann said...

Go and pick the ones that you have closeby...gardening on the fly..

Julie said...

Hi, Lila,

How serendipitous that you wrote this today. (I think today!) When I came home today I noticed some rose hips on my climbing William Baffin rose. I think they stood out against the snow (we have a bit here but not a lot - we could take an inch or two to make it more Christmas-y but no more, and I would be happy.

Anyway, I certainly don't have enough to send you for rose hip jelly or anything else. Can you take photos of those around town and then do a painting? I have an artist friend who works ONLY from photos. I don't know if that is good or bad. She is a fantastic realist, but not an "impressionist" like you. And I don't mean Impressionist like the French painters. I meant something like "Expressionist"!

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