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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Something new to practice....

Marilyn knits by "throwing". This is how I learned and have been knitting.

Anna-Liza knits by "picking", this is what I am practicing.

I really enjoy knitting and handwork. I have "produced" so many items because it is so much fun! Now, instead of making something, I am allowing myself just to practice. I want to learn to be a "picker" as well as a "thrower". After doing English knitting (throwing) for many years, I want to learn continental knitting (picking)...(it is faster and easier, uses different finger muscles so hands are less tired!)

I had assumed that I "was what I was", ( a thrower) until I read this post from Knitting Daily.

It is very peaceful just to sit and practice this technique while watching public television series or DVD's from the library. Whether I produce any knitted items or not, I am enjoying this. I think it IS rather like yoga, especially when the pressure to make something fabulous has been removed.[Variegated yarn in "Rose Bouquet" from Patons Decor, wool and acrylic blend.]


Laurie said...

I have never tried to knit. I can crochet a little. The only thing I have made latelyis dishcloths. Once, many years ago I did crochet a baby blanket.
I didn't know there was different styles of knitting. I like the term picking!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I knit by throwing, too. I learned from a beginner's book with a monkey on the cover...I am serious! lol I have my bag of yarn and knitting needles here. I should try to learn something new, too! It seems like it would be hard to change though!

Janet said...

I'm a thrower. But then I'm also such a beginner! I can only make something flat, with no shape like a scarf or a blanket. Right now it's still too hot for me to even think about knitting or crocheting.

gemma said...

Hi Lila
Sorry I've been a little absent lately. I scrolled back through to see all you've been up to.
Wow love the picture of the kids in Manhatten.

Piecefulafternoon said...

I learned from a fisherman's wife in Alaska back in the "good ol' days" - long long ago. I am left handed so she sat me across from her and said to watch the back of her knitting - and that is how I learned. Enjoy!!!

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