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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cherries in the garden....

I've just come back into the air conditioned house after enjoying watercolor painting in the garden. What a beautiful day for the last of June!

An impressionistic sketch of the garden, it is getting more tangled and full of French marigolds and snapdragons. The photos show the "real" thing today.

Shameless self-promotion again, I'm afraid! This bag has just been listed in my shop!
I have the day off, a different work schedule this week with the Fourth of July holiday. It is a perfect summer day! I just love being out by my garden, so will now head out there and see if my birds are using the birdbath, or maybe I'll see a butterfly. At any rate, I can carry my lunch out there, with some raspberry iced tea.
Hope you are having a good day!


Janet said...

Sounds as if you had a nice day in the garden....and Yum! raspberry tea!

Annie said...

What a relaxing day and all spent at home.

Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely day - what a lovely painting - what a lovely bag - guess this is just lovely time!!! Enjoy.

Grace said...

LOVE the bag!!! :) the colors and design are beautiful!

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