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Friday, May 15, 2009

After so many rainy days and not much sunshine, the tomato plant from my kitchen garden["lasagne" or layered garden] is turning yellow green and coming down with something (see scanned leaves below). I can't diagnose it for sure....maybe leaf mold, bacterial spot or "target spot"? I am not anxious to be running out to purchase fungicide....maybe I can just pull it up and plant a marigold there....first I'll try removing all the spotted leaves. It has been so damp that the mushroom compost on top of the garden is now growing mushrooms, but of course I don't feel that they are safe to eat....


Today I read in our newspaper that a local bakery uses a recipe for a high protein bread developed by Cornell University in the 1930's.....that intrigued me.... searching the Internet, I quickly found the recipe....and other trivia!

I think this is interesting as it shows how people were encouraged to cope in other stressful times. Perhaps I will continue looking for the bread machine version of the Cornell bread recipe....or just get busy with a quilt! LOL!


Janet said...

I'm no help as to what's wrong with your tomato plant but I'm sorry that it isn't thriving. Here you are getting too much rain and we don't get any!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh no! I think you may be getting way to much rain. Has it been cool, too? I hope you had a nice afternoon!

gemma said...

Removing the dead leaves should help. Hopefully you'll be getting sun to help it dry out.
Guess what? My purple rose bush doesn't have any buds.
hopefully soon.
Love your tunics Lila

Shopgirl said...

Don't give up on the plant, it could be too much water.
When I was growing up, it was a must that you clean your plate. I don't know how many times my Mother would say, "Eat" their are starving children in China.
Hugs, Mary

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