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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Having to pack and work on finishing some Christmas gifts....but I will soon be with my wonderful grandchildren!

Daughter Laura is suffering from an episode of shingles....her first and hopefully last. As she has a family to care for and a business to run too, she needs some help. I am flying down like Mary Poppins....well, not exactly. But I do feel this is where I need to be now. So, some Christmas gifts may be wrapped unfinished and I know the recipients will trust me to complete them when I'm back home with my creative space and tools!

Mr. Pear will be coping here.

I won't be blogging much....chasing my grandson and caring for Laura's home for the next few weeks.

Just wondering....should I wear my 'Mary Poppins" hat????? [Photo from last winter]


Lavender Dreamer said...

And don't YOU look beautiful! A hat is always so stylish! Hopefully she will feel better soon! Don't worry....and tell her not to worry! Have a good trip and happy holidays!

Lady Laurie said...

Dear Lila,
Sorry to hear your daughter is suffering with shingles, something my mom would get as well as my dad and even my youngest son. Hope she will be better soon.
Have a wonderful time with your granchildren, (your grandaughter is beautiful by the way, and your grandson has grown so much!!)
OH yes, wear the hat!!

Tammy said...

Oh shingles are no fun! I had them a few years back - luckily I was working with a nurse at the time, and she looked at my outbreak and told me to get to the dr. So it was caught VERY early and didn't get horrible.

It's so good she has you to come and help her out!! I hope you have a wonderful time in spite of her being sick!

lila said...

Thanks to all of you sweet friends.
I am having a good time with the grandkids....and managing a few fun projects too!

Sioux said...

God bless you, Lila. Be safe. I am so sorry your daughter has shingles.

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