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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Your help is needed!!!!!

I am an armchair traveler who loves blogs from other countries. One blogger, Maryam, is just back from a real journey. Maryam, who lives in Morocco, visited Rwanda.

Of course, this was not luxury travel. During her time there, she met Vestine, a survivor of the years of genocide in that area. Now, hoping to help Vestine, who has only just begun to dream and hope again, a fund has been established. Read about Vestine here. Read other posts on Maryam's blog, I think you will love it, (if you aren't already a regular reader!)

[note: the photo of Morocco above is from "Holiday Destinations- Travel Blog"]


I'm still here at my mom's, we just picked up a beautiful chrysanthemum to brighten her world....along with a pumpkin. Both are at the front door. We are celebrating all the years of blessings we have enjoyed!
This apple cake was our birthday cake. Yumm! I cooked it in an antique granite ware cake pan from my grandmother. In making this, I used whole wheat flour for half of the flour and reduced the amount of sugar. The recipe is HERE.

There is still time to visit my October 1st post and enter in the drawing for my birthday giveaway on October 15th!

Thank-you for reading my blog, and of course, I love comments (whether you enter the give-away or not!)


Sioux said...

Just saying, Hi, Lila!

Lavender Dreamer said...

Have a wonderful visit with your Mom! Enjoy this special time!

Gemma said...

I too visit Maryam and saw her post on Vestine.Money goes much further there so any donation even small helps.
My friend Jean who is a refugee from Burindi (Half Hutu and Half Tuitsa) Narrowly escaped the genocide.Jean works in our school system now.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... the cake looks so delish! We went apple picking yesterday in N. Georgia and your grandson ate an entire apple!

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