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Thursday, October 30, 2008

What is Grandma Lila doing?

It's a soccer ball for the baby grandson. His first birthday is coming up, but this colorful cloth ball will be a Christmas gift. It will spend the next few weeks under a Christmas tree in the window of the sewing center where I now work. This is a project from the book, "Seams to Me" by Anna Maria Horner. I used the shop's embroidery machine to make embellished fabric for the ball....a dog, a porpoise, an angel fish, ducks in the rain, a "Nemo" type was a fun day at work!

After stuffing, as much as possible, the final seams have to be hand sewn. So (sew?) the fun continues at home to finish the project!

I am enjoying the creativity of sewing. Today's young designers/mothers/bloggers inspire many of us. Heather Bailey has a wonderful photo which captures the feeling of creativity in art and sewing here. She even has a delightful PEAR pincushion!
I wanted so much to share the photo directly with you....but don't want to violate copyright...
Our digital camera is not working well indoors....I had to use photoshop to lighten and bring out the photos above. They are still not clear. This will not do!
Being a visual communicator, I can't blog without photos, mine or other folks! LOL!
Afternoon note: I have been on the back porch starting a painting ...the digital camera works if there is plenty of light.


mermaid musings said...

i took a peek online of those two books you mentioned and loved them, thank you!
i bet he is going to love that soccer ball grandma Lila;-)

Lavender Dreamer said...

There you are! I see you are deep into a big project but what a great gift for your grandson! Love the pincushion pear! If I try to make the may come out looking like the pear! heehee!

Gemma said...

Yes I wondered what Gma Lila was up to. Figured you were being creative. :-)
The soccer ball is awesome. It'll be an heirloom. Can't believe he's almost a year already.
Love the new painting too Lila!
sending love

Janet said...

What a great soccer ball! I'm sure your grandson will have lots of fun with it.

Mary Timme said...

Hi Lila,
What a neat thing. I have a grand daughter with a birthday (one Year) coming up; That is such a fun age!
I love the idea of making the soccer ball for him. Great idea!

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

Lila I love that fabric ball!!! It's a good size too and stitched with love. I miss working with fabric and plan to get out the ole needle and thread soon. I saw Anna Maria's new book in Borders yesterday....she amazes me with what she has accomplished while raising FIVE kids!
I just know your grandson will love the ball.....can it really be almost a year ago he was born????

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