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Sunday, October 19, 2008

[Note: Blogger is reformating my text near the end....sorry about the "strung-out" words...!!!]

A perfect October morning.....leaving around 8:00, we reach the craft fair just as it is opening....

Mr. Pear with the morning sun behind him......

Chatting with friendly this case, my friend Liz who has a booth!
We find some wonderful things which will be Christmas gifts for the family. Supporting artisans at the craft fair rather than factories in the third world feels good!

After touring 4 tents of vendors, we go back outside to enjoy the fabulous setting and weather.....oh, !!! and music too!

Finally, we go back through some tents once more and I see this...I'm sorry the image is blurry...our camera was not co-operating. But you can see it is a tree full of mermaids! These are needle felted and were in the booth of The Augres Sheep Factory all the way from Michigan!

These were truly the most unexpected thing I saw there...but they stayed on the tree, as we were already through with the urge to shop! [here is a better mermaid photo from the maker's webpage.]


Kelli said...

How fun to spend the day looking at craft booths!

Lavender Dreamer said...

What a FUN day! I love craft fairs! We just got back from a Fall foliage drive and now I need to blog! lol You got great pics!

Joyce said...

Oh YES Lila,
I say wear you fake pearls to work and to where ever else you go as well. :~)
My daughter and I went to a really nice craft show at a HUGE Plantation called "Oak Alley" (and yes there is a beautiful row of oaks there) yesterday near
New was a great day enough, no humidity....just really enjoyable.
I'm glad we went....and we found a few tiny treasures....but the FOOD was great. HA!
Shrimp on a Stick....and fresh Lemonaid....yuuummmm. We do craft show foods different in the South. HA!

I'm going to try to post my photos today too when I get a chance.
See ya,
Have a GOOOOD day!

Julie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time, and good weather. I had to miss our Folkfest because of my knee, but the weather was awful that day anyway.

Blogger always breaks up works when I try to "wrap" text around photos. I finally quit trying.

Lady Laurie said...

I love going to craft fairs. I agree it is so nice to give gifts that are handmade from local artists rather than from Walmart.
Oh yum I see that sign for funnel cakes, I always get them when I go to fairs. Love the mermaids!!

mermaid musings said...

i love fairs!!!
lucky you!
love your pictures and the way you look.
p.s. Yesterday i spent almost two hours looking at my altered book, so lovely, so beautiful ;-)

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