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Monday, September 08, 2008

Our rainy weather for the last month has really helped the garden....

For the first summer I can remember, I haven't had to drag a hose around the yard. Here is the little shade garden outside my studio door. The impatiens, many of whom are volunteer are finally blooming.

On the other side of the back door, these container plants have needed a bit of help as they are under the wide eaves of the house. They get morning and evening shade but the full heat of the day at noon. Fortunately, the heat was not bad this August.

Today, I am going in to work a wee bit at a local children's boutique. Then we have to shop for a new refrigerator as ours seems to be dying after 25 years! It's always something!


Shopgirl said...

Everything looks fresh, rain water is the best. I love the smell of the yard after a good rain.
I hope you are having a good summer, I am getting ready for fall in my head. The days now have that feeling of change.
Hugs, Mary

lila said...

Mary, I think you have really lush gardens in your area...we do have fabulous autumns here. Cool, crisp and lots of colorful maples!

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