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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My peaceful world this week.....

(newly painted front door)

I am reading a "Hamish Macbeth" mystery by M.C. Beaton called "Death of a Cad".

We discovered Hamish Macbeth DVDs at our local library when our friend Cheryl was checking out the series. It only ran for 3 years in the mid 1990's, we have seen them now I have to read in order to visit the imaginary village of "Lockdubh" (Gaelic for "black lake") in northern most Scotland. Hamish is the laid-back village constable. The series is imaginative and "campy" and always graced by the beautiful highland scenery!

Thanks to YOUtube, you can see a wonderful moment from the series here.


When not escaping into the pages of a book, I am in the process of finding a job.One I am currently interviewing with is a local Montessori school. Today, Caroline of Caroline's Crayons posted about her new job! [If you haven't visited Caroline before, you are in for a treat! Her former blog was Potato Prints.]

I found it quite synchronistic (may not be a real word, but I like it) and encouraging to read her post! I will be making a decision thing, the school is less than a mile away so I won't waste too much salary on filling my tank, (as I would have with the quilt shop 30 miles away who want me to come and work/play for them!) and I won't be tempted to spend said paycheck on merchandise if I am with babies and toddlers all day!

One last thing, I will show more garden photos eventually...things are growing nicely now. Only problem is an uninvited guest....Mr. (Ms.?) Mole now plowing tunnels. I'm afraid this means "war"...and Mr. Pear will surely win!

(the door downstairs going out of my studio, also newly painted!)


Annie said...

Hi Lila, Enjoyed your musings and am thrilled to fine the Hamish stories. I'll be reading these. They sound like great fun.

Julie said...

I love your peaceful world and your beautiful door.

It has been anything but peaceful here. Tornado sirens have gone off three times tonight. I think the worst is passed now. Thank goodness. If I had had to head for the basement, Penny would have followed me, but Gracie won't go down the stairs!

Good luck on your interview!

mermaid musings said...

checking on you after a very crazy week of crazy work and people...
i am here where i am safe, my blog world.
and oh boy!!! lots of new things happening to you, i visited your etsy shop the other day and yes i love the tunic, and today i just saw all of them and love them A LOT!!!!
i hope you find a job where you can be your creative self and feel at home and happy, too.
how is your weekend going?
me? Having fun here, it's sunny and lots of birds singing

Shopgirl said...

The color of your door is beautiful, knock, knock, it's Mary

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