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Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm still making altered book pages....

I have learned about some new authors and new blogs while doing "cut and paste" from a pile of last year's magazines!

One author is Ann Hood whose novel, "The Knitting Circle" has just come out in paperback. Read her blog here.

Another of my most beloved authors is Phillip Gulley. A Quaker minister who writes with such peaceful humor, often about the fictional town of Harmony, Indiana. [He has been called the Garrison Keillor of Indiana, I'm not sure I agree, but you get the idea!] His blog about his real life is delightful!

Today is also the day that Oprah begins the new book club book, Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth".
I decided to jump in and do it along with the on-line club. (Though I resist being involved in anything as "mainstream" as I'm not "mainstream"???? myself?)

I think this book says things I already knew, but I am enjoying it. I like how he explains that we are drawn to the beauty of a flower or a bird because they represent the ethereal or luminescent. Also the innocence of any newborn as they still have the "aura" (my word not his) of having been so recently with the Creator!
[This has made me be less hard on myself for often choosing birds and flowers to include in my artwork...I was afraid it was getting into a trite rut or something.....]

I hope you are all reading something wonderful and uplifting....and maybe something that makes you laugh too!


Carmen said...

I started the altered book and guess what I am addicted, LOL
I may start another one for my own delight, LOL

Janet said...

I'm reading A New Earth, too. I tuned in for the class last night but they had a lot of problems and I wasn't able to hear most of it. I'm enjoying the book though.

Your altered book pages are all so pretty. I just love that collaged look but I never seem to be able to pull it off. Maybe I'll give it another try.

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