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Monday, February 04, 2008

This is my son-in-law and my grandson....both named Bindley. Here they are just hanging out at home enjoying a Saturday snowfall.

My SIL, who repairs all aspects of modern aircraft, is leaving today for the Democratic Republic of Congo.
This is not the most idyllic place on earth..... here of the Congo River from National Geographic....

This large country in the center of the African continent has suffered through more than a decade of the "African World War" and was shaken by an earthquake just hours ago!

We are praying for all aspects of his 8-day trip to go well. He will be using his laptop while there....thank goodness for modern communication! (I think!)

I've just posted my latest watercolors!


Carmen said...

thinking of your son in law and in my prayers too for a pleasant and hopefully very fast comeback to the US

Anonymous said...

I suppose this is a trip with memories or will be. Hope everything works out. Nice photos here on the post today too.

Julie Marie said...

Here's hoping your son in law will be just fine while he is in Africa. I am so glad to hear you escaped the Arkansas tornadoes.


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