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Monday, August 27, 2007

While away from home,

I have received some e-mails with more photos from our family wedding party and even, now of the honeymoon couple!

The photo on the right is of my son, my daughter and my new daughter-in-law at the picnic the day before the wedding.

Then the wonderful wedding day itself.....cutting the cake (which had wildflowers on it) and walking in sunshine! A truly beautiful afternoon!

Then off to the tropics for much deserved R and R............

......a honeymoon along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

They are back in Flagstaff now and letting us all know that things are going

well for them!


Wendy said...

Nice sharing - family is so special, memories, too.

Sweetpea said...

Lovely to see these pictures xx

Annie said...

Lila, will you have a grandchild soon? I'm looking at that first photo and wondering.

Lady Laurie said...

Lovely photos of the happy couple! Thanks for sharing.

lila said...

Yes, my daughter is due in early November...a baby boy!!!!

Annie said...

You have my congratulations now and again in November!

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