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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yikes! Carmen as tagged me for a meme..........

So here we go....8 things about myself.

1. I hold on to the past. However, I try not to hold grudges.....

2. I have a wee bit of a devilish streak and sometimes like to stir up mischief!

3. I am usually joyful, but sometimes sad like the fallen, almost invisible angel in this picture.

4. I love to read children's literature, usually, more than adult (too graphic, and coarse) fiction.
There are many exceptions, of course. I am not fond of fantasy characters...more of a Laura Ingalls, or Anne of Green Gables type heroine.....finding the beauty in the ordinary world.

5. I am enjoying opera now more than when I was younger....really I prefer silence to most music....though I can usually "tune it out" and think my own thoughts.

6. I could learn to be lighten up (grandchildren help there, except when you start worrying about them instead of playing with them!)

7. I would love to spend a week in a villa in Tuscany with my watercolors and lots of wonderful food and wine! ( I'll go in my, research about the area and maybe make that "Tuscan" quilt I've been collecting fabrics for)

8. I am learning to do good things for myself too....not just nurture others!

Whew!!! now I am tagging Tammy (Mimsical Creations), Annie (Bimbimie), Mary Timme (Beadfluff) and Ninnie (Ninnie's Art Spot) as well as anyone who wants to be "tagged" to do this meme!

Watercolor painting above, by Lila in 1993...."Fallen Angel"


LisaOceandreamer said...

I LOVE LOVE that painting!! OMG!
I also really enjoyed reading this MeMe...I don't think I would have thought you had a mischievous side to!hmmm! I think still waters run deep and there's more to the Lila story. heehee
And yes always add SILLY in to the mix - it's what keeps us young!
I like opera too - I have favorite arias I could listen to over and over.
Some days I work in silence too, I find the sound of my wind chimes sufficient music.
I SO love your work!!

lila said...

Thank-you dear Lisa!

Tammy said...

Hi Lila! Thanks for the tag - I'll definitely do this on my blog soon! :) I agree with you about Tuscany! I would LOVE to spend some time there taking it all in!!

PEA said...

Oh Lila, such a beautiful painting!! I envy people who know how to paint...that's something I've never quite mastered! lol I very much enjoyed learning new things about you...that's what I love about these types of memes, you get to know a person so much better:-) xox

Mary Timme said...

Yikes, you tagged me. I'll have to think for a day or maybe two, but I'll do it soon. Honest! Fun post, Lila!

Carmen said...

Beautiful painting! Yes, Yes and YES!!! You have to go to that Villa and paint more!
Your art is divine!

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