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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

[When old friends reappear......]

At long last, finally, after years of having us in a crowded box, in a hot attic, Lila (with the help of Mr. Pear) brought us down. (Only because she wants to give us to her grandaughter who is about to be 8 years old.) We are still in the clear plastic case though the lid is gone....

We are a brother and sister doll from the Netherlands...our costumes are from the Marken Holland area. (We even have wooden shoes!)

We came to live with Lila in about 1959...her wonderful aunt found us and sent us to become part of Lila's doll collection. Having an international doll collection is probably one thing which led to Lila's love of "armchair" travel!
You haven't heard much from Lila the last few days...she has been reading a book (Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert) and working at her job. Today was full of a dental appointment and yoga class and lunch with a friend (at a Thai restaurant where she drank lots of Thai iced tea), grocery shopping and getting the binding ready for the wedding quilt which you can read about here.......
tomorrow it is back to Little Rock to sew the binding on the quilt and visit with her mom!
It was nice to meet all of you!
Lila has quite a few other "old" doll friends, including a "glamour"bride doll from the 1950s, still in the check back to meet more of us!


Annie said...

Your idea of giving your dolls to your granddaughter is perfect, especially if your granddaughter understands how special a gift this is.

If you do make a rapunzel doll, I hope you will post her photo on your blog.

Little Rock will be glad to have you back in town.

Carmen said...

Lovely post Lila!
I can't wait to meet the rest of them, LOL!
Enjoy your busy fun day!

Janet said...

I love this post from the doll's perspective....and they're so cute. I hope your granddaughter appreciates them and understands their history.

Thai iced tea....yum! Love it. Sounds as if you've been busy but mostly the good kind of busy ....except for the dentist!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I wondered where Lila has been!
What fabulous dolls and what a lucky granddaughter she has,I'm sure she'll be happy to have you 2 living with her.
When you see Lila tell her she is missed but it sounds like she's keeping busy and having fun.
Oh and can you please tell her I read that book last month and just LOVED it!!
Give her a hug for me (that is if your arms move)

AnnieElf said...

Sweet post. I used to give Krista dolls but try as I might, the doll collection just didn't take. I have them all though for maybe a grandaughter??? someday.

Julie Marie said...

Dear Dollies,

Please tell Lila "Welcome Back". I was worried about her. But also tell her, "No Pressure!"



Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I had the most fabulous doll collection when I was young. My father was on the road to the four corners of the globe and each time he came back, a new doll. Your post made me think of them for the first time in years!

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Hey, Lila, sounds like you're having a great summer!! Love the dolls.

PEA said...

I would have a hard time parting with such gorgeous vintage dolls but who better to pass them on to than your grandaughter:-) I was glad the dolls gave us a report on you! hehe xox

Ninnie said...

That is so great that you have those to give to your grandaughter. Miss Savanna has some dolls(mostly Barbies) that are part of her Pretties collection. They have never been taken out of the box. She has a Birthday Barbie that her Aunt buys her every year that is never opened. The same Aunt also buys her a Barbie every birthday that she can play with.

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