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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to my grandaughter, Diamond Heart (fairy name), who is 8 today!

Above, a watercolor from a sunny day last summer.....this has been a very cloudy rainy month so far...though the sun came out this weekend and has stayed!

I've been slower, maybe the gray days, maybe the dark side of the moon. Peaceful but much less productive than usual.

I'm "going into" a busy couple of weeks now which may turn into an even busier month!

Our plumbing emergency from last week has led us to order new flooring for my downstairs sewing/art studio (where I seldom hang out to sew or paint, as it feels to much like a cave....)

(This art work of the woman sewing is from Daisy's blog about her work room. I love the idea of all the windows...which is why I often work on my back porch.....certainly not down in my "cave"!)
before the floors can be installed, I have to strip the room of all those unfinished projects....quilts, art dolls, etc.....

After the floors, it all has to go back and be re-organized.

I think this can be a fun process but with also being gone to my part-time job, I won't have as much time for this blog...

[ the last weekend of July, I "get" to work all night doing inventory...that is Friday and Saturday nights.... followed by a few days off to overcome sleep loss and then it will be time to pack for the trip to my son's wedding in Flagstaff!]
I'm sending you all lots of warm wishes and hugs, even if I pause for a bit!


Janet said...

First, a Happy Birthday (a little late) to Diamond Heart. I'm sure she had a fun day.

Sounds as if you're going to be BUSY for the next bit. I know what it's like to remove the entire studio contents and then put them all back. It seems like such a daunting task but just take it one step at a time. I, too, love that picture from Daisy's blog. (I was just there this morning re-reading some of her posts!) She always found such wonderful pictures.

Take care of yourself throughout all this busy time, and I'll look forward to hearing how it all goes.

Gemma said...

Hope your darling Diamond Heart had a beautiful birthday....Boy you are busy.....and less than a month away from your sons wedding.
xoxo Whew

Mary Timme said...

Lila, What a marvelous idea of giving your grandchildren fairy names. I'm in love with the charm of that. Have a happy and wonderful time on vacation!

T*mmy said...

Please send some of your rain our way ;)
Hi...I was just popping in to congratulate you on Carmens award!

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