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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I wasn't planning on posting today, but I opened a delightful bit of mail!
This note card with a painting by Helen Edwards was sent to me from Annie, posted from Australia.
She said the painting made her think of me, out in my garden,....taking a break from creating something new.
On the outside was a lovely quote from a rubber stamp:
" Joy (JOI) :
The emotion
of great delight
or happiness."

I always find great joy when
painting....someday soon, I will paint again!

Thank-you, Annie!!

And a BIG thank-you to Carmen of Strawberries and Champagne for awarding me the "Reflective Blogger" award today!!!!!!

Now follow me down to the basement of my life, I mean my house......

Down this steep stairway with art dolls hanging and a quilt at the bottom.....(and my son's old biking helmet?)

From these stairs you can see the space where I "should " be able to create and follow my bliss.

Lots of room, and lots of materials for projects!

There is a hide-a-bed for overnight guests and my sewing and ironing centers....a stereo for NPR and CD's (Nora Jones and Rod Stewart)

I think because of the low ceilings, I have never found much inspiration down is cozy and cave-like and a great refuge during severe weather (as in tornado warning).

Today, after a few trips up the stairs with loads of fabric, I took a gentle yoga class at a nearby yoga center. The place is so serene, clean and peaceful....I would like a space like that....maybe if I can resist carrying all of that back down after the new floors go in, this could be a serene space...??????

You can see the fans going to dry out the flood and the carpet which we are ripping up....a real mess, but not hopeless....

This is the half-bath where the flooding occured, we found lovely (?) pea green vinyl tile under the carpet there.

I have played ( cut and pasted) on the walls and continue to collage when I find something that fits!

I'd better go back to carrying items up the stairs and stripping the clutter and furniture out of there so when the flooring crew come Thursday, I'll be ready.

Updates to follow!


Mary Timme said...

You are being busy.

I think too often we clutter our spaces with too much, and believe me, I have nothing compared to most people. I'm just not a saver!

Lots of work ahead as well as behind, and I love the painting on the card too!

Wendy said...

Pretty card - and I like your cut and paste wallpaper!

Carmen said...

Ayayayy! It sounds like alot of hard work! I am tired already of just imagining you doing all of this!
Please take more little breaks and don't hurt or overwork yourself!
Wishing you a nice beautiful pleasant result!

lila said...

Thank-you friends! I am almost ready to call for a dumpster...but not yet!

PEA said...

Hello Lila:-) I'm back from my trip and trying to catch up with everyone's news! Seems like you've been quite busy but how lovely it will be once the new floor gets put in and then you can fix up the room like you want to. I need to do some major decluttering but keep dragging my feet over it! lol I love the way you're collaging the wall, such a great idea:-) What are you using to glue all the pictures to the walls? Would Mod Podge work do you think? I'm getting ideas! lol xox

Julie Marie said...


Congratulations on your award. You are extremely deserving of this. You helped me so much when I started blogging and you are a light in my life.


LisaOceandreamer said...

That's a lot of work but I think you're on to something about making it a serene place. I'm with you when it comes to doing my art...I need lots of natural light. Maybe it can be your winter studio...a place to cocoon and paint?
Love the idea of collaging the wall.
Take care careful going up and down those stairs with loads of things! :)

Gemma said...

Omigosh...Love your card from Annie...that is so sweet....Wow didn't realize the extent of the work you are doing...whew. Nora Jones is one of my favs too Lila and also love NPR

caroline potato said...

Hi Indigo Pears,

I really liked this tour of your day. You always seem to have fun, or at least enjoy the challenge in whatever you do.

As for the clutter, I have come to understand that this culture of abundance and overconsumption can rob us of our birthright to create. It will be exciting to see how you stake out, carve out a space of inspiration for yourself.

lila said...

I do seem to have worked out a fairly good system. I bring up a few loads, then stop here to see who has left a comment and I take a minute fo visit a blog...don't feel guilty doing it as I need these "breathers"! LOL!

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