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Thursday, July 19, 2007

I know I posted this page before.....

It is from my on-going cut and paste art/life journal.
It shows a cozy breakfast nook which had colors and things I loved. Too much yellow, maybe, but it is a very happy room!
Several years before seeing this, I had painted my kitchen cabinets the same green color as the cupboard in this photo. Pasting this in my journal this spring inspired me to do on-line research on Monet's kitchen..

The written text is a quote (sorry I didn't note the source!)
"You can draw inspiration from some of the French Impressionists like Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh (post impressionist!). Colors that are used in French country kitchen style include sunny yellow or soft gold, bright red or rust, grass green, cobalt blue and soft ocean tones."

Finding this photo (the one in the journal above), with a china collection on the walls really "clicked" with me because I have a collection of blue and white china....(as with all collections it is easy to get "too much") [my bookcase with my precariously stacked china!]

The love of the blue and white along with a love of the "old" green from the 30's and 40's had inspired the colors of my kitchen and breakfast room. Deep blue on a couple of walls and lots of white, and all my cabinets the "old" green. [all of this was done in the last century you understand!]

So this spring, instead of painting the breakfast nook sunny yellow, (Mr. Pear was not in favor of it for one thing!) I visited flea markets and added some sunny yellow plates. Then I hung my own poppy painting (Lila is an "Impressionist" too!)

Now we know there is always room for improvement....(did you hear that when you were growing up?)....I straightened the painting and re-took the photo...but it is still a bit off!!!

Here are my cabinets....and they could be improved with a fresh coat of paint and new never ends!


LisaOceandreamer said...

I have a photo album where I've kept images from magazines of home deocr/colors/furniture etc that spoke to me. A running theme for kitchens was white cabinets BUT 16 1/2 yrs ago when we remodeled the kitchen I let myself be talked in to stain. NOW the project is going to be turn them in to white cabinets FINALLY! I love your color choices and the inspirations of French country, your blue and white china and of course the look of your poppy painting on the wall! I think it's fun to change things up a bit now and then...keeps it fresh!

lila said...

Good luck on finally getting your white cabinets!

Julie Marie said...


I have a collection of blue and white china as well. It keeps growing "Like Topsy". (You can never have too much!)

That one plate (the lady) looks to me like French Quimper china. Is it the real thing?


marita said...

hi lila, first time around on your blog. love your art journal, i've did it for years but at the moment time is running out to do it. you love monet's kitchen at giverney? it is so beautiful there, you should visit it once time.
by the way your kitchen kabinets look great...all that remains is to paint the wall in giverney yellow ;)
xo marita

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