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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Celebrating the 4th with a look at an American ideal....the front (or back) porch!!

I love the nostalgia of the porch! This green cottage is located near our Art Center of the Ozarks. Wouldn't you love to sit and rock for a bit?

Porches come and go in history and location around the world. They are very popular in the South. Porches provide and informal area....shady out of the total public view but not as private as being in the house itself.
African rulers are said to have used the porch concept as a place to interact with those wanting an audience. Under the porch roof, everyone was out of the hot sun, yet not intruding on the privacy of the living quarters of the ruler.

This is my own back porch, we don't have a front porch,.......... just a big yard with a huge elm tree!

These photos were taken today. It is cool and cloudy...we've had a couple of rather rainy weeks.

I use one end of the porch for my art studio (ha! I paint "all over the place") and the other end for reading, birdwatching and peaceful meals.

[I am getting very frustrated with Blogger...I am here in a stuffy " computer room" when I could be out on that I may not blog (log computer time) as much for a while...HA!]

(I spent a long time trying to do a link to a wonderful book about porches... this is as good as I could do...after spending an hour trying to hide all the programing, I'm giving up and posting it this way....not too cute! But the book looks great and some copies are only $0.01!)

For the Fourth of July, we will be visiting our friends in a nearby town. They have an old farm house with a wonderful front porch....I'll post photos in a day or so!

I'm off to the farmer's market now for ingredients for ratatouille! Wishing all who see this a happy, healthy Fourth of July holiday! (overseas readers, have a lovely week too!)


Gemma said...

Something wonderful about sitting on a porch! Your porch is so pretty and looks comfortable.Wish I could stop in for a visit.

lila said...

I would love for many of you to stop in! We could have tea and whatever!

Carmen said...

There is nothing like a porch! And yours it's beautiful! I see where your inspiration come from!
I check the book and looks lovely, Sorry to hear about your waste of time with blogger. Have a great 4th of July!
P.S. I am ready for tea ;-) LOL

Janet said...

Porches are wonderful places to sit and chat and while away a summer afternoon. I've spent many on my grandmother's porch when I was a child....some of my fondest memories involve porches!

Your porch looks so inviting. I'll just tag a long with Gemma!!

PEA said...

Hi Lila:-) I so love your porch...that's something I wish I had!! I have a deck and a patio but neither are enclosed so the mosquitos drive us crazy if we try to sit out there! Happy 4th of July to you and I hope you have a fun and wonderful day with your friends:-) xox

LisaOceandreamer said...

Just yesterday I posted about what to do with my front porch! I love porches and so does G...every year our Calender is porches and with each month the photos depict the most serene scenes. Your back porch is so lovely - yes, tea please and may I sit in that wicker chair? Let's have a hen party and you can show us your paintings!
Happy 4th tomorrow!

Mary Timme said...

Happy 4th, Lila,

What a pretty and inviting back porch. You could sip tea and read and just be lost there. No bugs, that is always good!

eb said...

I love ratatoille but can never remember how to spell it - love your porch - happy 4th!

xox - eb.

Julie Marie said...

Happy Fourth, Lila!

I love your porch. I wish I had one. Our deck is lovely but...last night the mosquitoes were out in force and we could not find the mosquito spray.(Gracie???)

I sold my white wicker rocker last summer at a yard sale and now I regret it, but I have no place to put it. My grandma had a wonderful enclosed front porch (and a utilitarian back porch!) I remember so many wonderful summer evenings spent in that front porch.

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