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Saturday, May 12, 2007

We are having glorious May morning here...goddess of spring indeed!!!!

Steve (husband) and I got up early in order to drive Lizzzzzzzy to the airport...we picked her up from her front door at 6:00 a m. It was dawn...Saturday, the weekend!!!!
Our airport is in the middle of farmland about 30 miles from where we live.
We had vistas of early morning light on foggy fields with sleepy cattle...lots of trees too... silhouetted against the rising sun.

After dropping Lizzzzzy with hugs and wishes for a wonderful trip, we began to wake up and see the possibilities of this wonderful day! We could just keep driving and explore...or more important, find some coffee (and food).

(As we rounded one curve, we came upon a large tortoise creeping across the blacktop...we didn't hit him, thank-goodness! It amazed me to think of all nature's creatures who are still out there, "dwelling", watching us "fly by" on our way to who knows where! )

It took us about an hour for the round trip back to our part of NW Arkansas and by then the local Saturday morning breakfast spot was opening. This is not a chain...but called "The Rolling Pin" and of course it has a collection of rolling pins on the back wall.

We talked to the waitress, Patti, about canoeing on the local rivers, something she was doing tomorrow for her Mother's Day (her MOM is thinking of getting a kayak!). Had eggs, hashbrowns, grits and biscuits and sausage gravy (how Southern is that?). We used to canoe every is one peaceful way to travel!

After breakfast, we went to our town square.....on a mountaintop....where our local farmer's market is held. the square has an old post office building in the center...3 story brick...from early 1900's...with lots of sheltering older trees.

Around the old building are lovely flower beds and rock work with a fountain on one corner. I bought fresh asparagus for lunch... and a pot of thyme for the herb bed beside the driveway. While there, we met and chatted with many acquaintances and local characters (I think my husband qualifies as one of the "characters!"); we have celtic music and clogging for atmosphere on one corner and a women's drumming circle on the other! It is fun to be in a funky town!
(NOTE: the photo at the left is from a different weekend last year, we aren't to the gladiolas stage yet this season, but we didn't have a camera along today......)


GreenishLady said...

Sounds like a wonderful outing - and a great town to live in. I'm glad you clarified about the gladioli - I'd been thinking WHAT differences in seasons there are between there and here.

Janet said...

I'm finally getting some time to visit. Sounds like you had a perfect day. I love a good farmer's market but we don't have one in our town.

Annie said...

Ah, your description of the morning in the Ozarks made me happily reminisce about my own days doing the same. The farmer's market on the Fayetteville square has got to be one of the very best farmer's markets anywhere.

Daisy Lupin said...

Nice to have a day's outing just pottering about, seeing what is going on.

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