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Friday, February 16, 2018

A Tale of Spring Bulbs--sort of!

First to bloom was the Amaryllis (from Walmart..) big bloom, light pink, when they were bought as deep raspberry pink, LOL!


I painted it!


Then I bought a bouquet of tulips! Barely past the bud!.....


I set up a still life and I painted them......a lot! Other still lives were involved....same tulips....for days! (I kept them out in the chilly garage when they were not busy posing for me!)




And more....





Meanwhile, the Amaryllis was bursting out!


And I saw signs of life in the other Amaryllis which I had planed on Dec. 11.


I bought another bouquet...almost Valentine's Day....why not?


And painted them.....


The masking tape, while painting (it is only there until that paint dries...) a fun technique....

A friend gave me a tea cup to use in still I did!

Thanks, Donna Murray!
Notice the hyacinths beginning to bloom?
Here is a painting....


And here are those hyacinths today....

Wish you could smell them!!!

One little paper white just sat there, in the dish while all the others bloomed back in January!
However today, I noticed roots and a longer I put it in a glass container from French yogurt....they can stay here, until they start to lean over....


AND, that laid back Amaryllis, ....? it is today....very promising!


More to come...eventually!

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