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Saturday, January 27, 2018

More tea time, plus some knitting!

Second cup of tea and the cake is almost gone!


Here is how I got to this moment (well a small part of the journey, LOL)






Here is the recipe!


Right after Christmas I started knitting for the newest granddaughter....


A top down cardigan using some pink (of course!) DK yarn left from something for another granddaughter!

Here it is being blocked in the ironing board.


But I still had yarn!
So, I found a lacy hat pattern from Ravelry...and soon most of the pink yarn was transformed into this sweater and hat!
[Now in possession of that wee granddaughter!]


Knitting that was so much fun, I wanted more....
in the closet, I still had a bag with small skeins of yarn which I had collected thinking of the grandkids. It is sportweight mostly and merino cashmere....I had never made anything for the little ones, upon thinking it over, I realized that the parents would need something they could throw in the washing machine, not hand wash.

Then, I saw this pattern. "Milano" by Carol Sunday. Tunic length!


Casting on 366 stitches, I began! It is a long way around, as it has 20 inches of ease!


This was the first week of January, knitting in a hotel....waiting for a party we were attending.
Knitting is such a portable craft!
It relaxes and centers me. (And now sometimes makes my hand ache....🙁)

Here is the sweater a week ago...


And last night, after I found a skein of taupe at Tuesday Morning. These bright stripes need the neutral for balance!


Knitting this is no pressure, I am able to use it as peaceful meditative handwork. Hopefully there will still be a chilly day or two once I finish!

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