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Monday, January 29, 2018

Quilting in the new year

 At our Christmas quilt guild meeting, I won 100, 5" squares of Mary Englebreit fabrics.


I made these into a "grandma's house" baby quilt for my friend, Liz.
Liz had given me the very first Mary Englebreit th 1980.s.....
"Life is just a chair of bowlies"


So, making these charm squares into her quilt brought that full circle!
I bought a black fabric with cherries (a delightful find at Joann's!) for the backing, and had enough extra to make new pot holders for my kitchen!


The other quilt I am working on is the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt called, "On Ringo Lake". She based it on colors from a photo taken at sunrise.



I added forest green and eggplant purple to the brown palette she chose....and I love how this photo from the Texas gulf coast has similar colors...


I have all my blocks made, and half of them sewn, on point, into the quilt top. The secon half to be done soon!


So, down to the sewing room now!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

More tea time, plus some knitting!

Second cup of tea and the cake is almost gone!


Here is how I got to this moment (well a small part of the journey, LOL)






Here is the recipe!


Right after Christmas I started knitting for the newest granddaughter....


A top down cardigan using some pink (of course!) DK yarn left from something for another granddaughter!

Here it is being blocked in the ironing board.


But I still had yarn!
So, I found a lacy hat pattern from Ravelry...and soon most of the pink yarn was transformed into this sweater and hat!
[Now in possession of that wee granddaughter!]


Knitting that was so much fun, I wanted more....
in the closet, I still had a bag with small skeins of yarn which I had collected thinking of the grandkids. It is sportweight mostly and merino cashmere....I had never made anything for the little ones, upon thinking it over, I realized that the parents would need something they could throw in the washing machine, not hand wash.

Then, I saw this pattern. "Milano" by Carol Sunday. Tunic length!


Casting on 366 stitches, I began! It is a long way around, as it has 20 inches of ease!


This was the first week of January, knitting in a hotel....waiting for a party we were attending.
Knitting is such a portable craft!
It relaxes and centers me. (And now sometimes makes my hand ache....🙁)

Here is the sweater a week ago...


And last night, after I found a skein of taupe at Tuesday Morning. These bright stripes need the neutral for balance!


Knitting this is no pressure, I am able to use it as peaceful meditative handwork. Hopefully there will still be a chilly day or two once I finish!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Now, tea time, the creative projects, including creative shopping...

I do love things associated with comfort. Especially food and drink....warm tea on a cold winter much of my creative energy goes into making enjoyable, cozy moments!

At a Holiday potluck, I saw these pretty dishes from Spode.


When I told  hostess, Nina Coffee (great name for this story!) how much I liked the little cup and saucer, she sent me this photo and told me that these were a retirement gift from her co-workers!
 These pieces by Spode are called Pennylane Honeywall.  I had chosen the dainty cup and saucer rather than the mugs when I was having my coffee and dessert(s)....(it was a potluck, with lots to sample!). The scalloped top edge and beautiful shape just delighted me.

SO.....I learned that the pattern is discontinued, but found the cup and saucer on line and easy to order!...
My Christmas gift to me arrived on the 4th day of Christmas, December 29th!


Tea does taste great in it! With a little honey, lemon sometimes.
(I used to put milk in my tea, yum!, but learned tea has more health benefits if you drink it without the milk!)


(And of course, the things I like with my tea have health benefits too??? Almond cake, dark chocolate covered gingerbread cookies, know!)

Another "tea party" moment occurred on "Boxing Day", the 2nd day of Christmas!
We had a beautiful little vanilla cake with chantilly creme and fresh fruit...from a bakery. I got out my Laura Ashley tea set which was a gift from friends on my 40th birthday.  My granddaughters were here to delight in the sweet event!



Sophie is trying to wait for the proper time for a taste!

That rosy pink cup is a really old, 1800s cup and saucer....with no handle on the cup in those days! It was given to me by the family of Tasha Tudor, and is a very special treasure!


For more every day  tea time, I needed a tea cosy!
Searching online "Free crochet tea cost pattern" yielded this beauty!


I pulled out my crochet hook, DK acrylic yarn scraps and made one, love it!!!


It buttons with a loop and an antique button under the handle! This one fits my smaller everyday, generic white tea pot!
And because I added an extra lining from a scrap of fleece from the pajama bottoms which I made for the grandkids, ( Nina Kate's pj's below) it is a very efficient cosy!


That's all for this post! Knitting coming up and a mystery quilt!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

A New creative year! 2018!

We are almost thru the first month of 2018.

Our day today was sunny and wonderful, high in the 60ms.
Just like last Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018 when the weather gave us a beautiful day for the local women's March to the Polls!!! Getting ready for mid-term elections this year!




My friend, Kathy made hats for us! 
Some of the posters were great!



Marchers of all ages, we must teach our children our values!


We couldn't hear all the speeches but it was great to be there and feel the goodness!!!

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