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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

LIFE and mental issues...Time to catch up has been a while!!!!

In a few days, I will be going to visit these special daughter and her four children!!!!




I can hardly wait, of course! But I have been pretty busy and creative the last couple of months!
I support the resistance to 45, who is not a legitimate President, in my opinion....I haven't marched, but hope to.


Here is a double self-portrait in watercolor (not finished)  which I felt captured my feeling is anger verses desire to escape...wanting to run away to Prince Edward Island...(re-reading Anne of Green Gables!).....or.....stay home and lash out at a certain party whose political views are opposite to mine!


I did escape to a few days with a friend in a Victorian B& friend Liz, and her husband David,
in Carthage, MO. What a treat, a dear friend and days of peace and quiet!



Above, the parlor!



Luke, the golden retriever! Below my bedroom for the visit!



Selfie of me and Lizzie...yes, we are right at the table ( where we had been doing art), leaning into the range of the camera lense (iPad)...clowning around!

I was trying to go gray (hair color) ...but with the depression and stress of this time, I relented and headed to see Dawn, my hairdresser...I call her "Miss Magic Fingers"!


Love how she does my hair! That is a spirit lifter for sure!

Another resource is Angela, my therapist. She has worked for hospice too, so understands some of the issues that I am dealing with ( aging, retired husband, crappy political times...) I saw this art work in her office last week...a collage / watercolor by Lisa Krannichfeld....This print is called, "Undomesticated Interior".....perfect!
more from Lisa


The indigo contrasts with its compliment, orange! And a tiger lurks behind her! At first I thought she might be knitting...but more like she is making a fist and hitting it into her other hand!

Another beautiful friend is artist/quilter, Paula Mariedaughter.....sitting by a spring on her mountaintop near here....


....a warm Ozark, February day.....but then we have had no winter this year! Paula has been my sounding board for many years and always gives me gentle, wise feedback....if I want it!
I think that is plenty for this post....more soon! (I haven't told you about my chair, and upholstery club...)

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Lila Rostenberg said...

I apologize for the large type in this looks different in the iPad app where I write it!
Also, sorry to go on about me...but then it is my life, right...making a record so I can look back I do with earlier posts from happier times!!!!

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