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Monday, May 23, 2016

Wow! Now May is almost gone!

We started the month in Idaho!

Visiting our son and his family!

He has two wonderful boys, ages 4 1/2 and 1, but has requested that I don't use their photos on my Blog.

I understand.

While there, we went to the downtown Saturday market.


Saw these beautiful flowers there!



We hiked two different days!

One hike was on the Oregon trail! I gathered the smell! All that sunshine and fresh desert air!

AND wind, forget "good hair"!


Along with the sagebrush, these wild flowers (and others) were everywhere!

When we got home, I made 9 of the smudge sticks with the sage, adding lavender, rosemary and rose buds.. ..


My project on our trip was this knitted scarf for granddaughter, Lilia!

Very simple pattern using NORO yarn which changes color as you knit. I love it!

Back home, we started cleaning out and decluttering!

I found this weaving which I had done I. The early 1970's. Spruce and aspen trees.

And this tapestry...going to my daughter's.


And a watercolor from exactly 10 years ago, of my mother's back yard that May.



I taught a class on this flag quilt....

And I sold this art piece

Here is the woman who received it for Mother's Day.


So, a busy, happy month here!

And soon, off to see these little ones!



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