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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Feeling almost OK

I tried a workout today, made it for a while on the treadmill before I surrendered.

Still a bit under the weather!

But I tried making gluten free biscuits....using the recipe for 7up Bisquick biscuits. I substituted GF baking mix, club soda for the 7up and Greek yogurt for the sour cream!

4 ingredient (melted butter is the fourth) easy, handle gently recipe!

It was pretty successful!

I didn't cut round biscuits, and some enede up with flour side up in the pan of melted butter...but the one I tried, still not with butter and honey was a treat!



I don't really need to add more carbohydrates to my diet, but it was fun to try this!



Then our local yarn shop was having a sale, so I treated myself some more.....10 skeins of NORO for a sweater... The Queen Street Sweater in the latest Knitscene magazine.

Love the kangaroo pockets!

My yarn is green, silk cotton and viscose! Delightful!


I also bought some pink washable wool because 4 year old Nina wants me to knit a hoodie for her, with a pocket, pink with red trim...of course!

Her twin sister already has a navy blue handknit-by-grandma hoodie....

Speaking of the twins....

They had breakfast with Santa today!



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