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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Atlanta area for Thanksgiving holiday

It is always a long drive, here at sunset ,Tuesday, we cross the Mississippi as the moon rises over the Memphis pyramid!

(To the right of the pyramid in the golden stripe...almost full!)

We arrived Wednesday about noon. Cuddling happily with grandkids while they are mesmerized by Mickey they even know I am there?LOL?

Thursday, down for breakfast in new nightgowns...


Mom's creative holiday breakfast....Turkey cinnamon rolls....with bacon tail feathers! (Pinterest)


Everyone wants to play with the happy baby! He has a wonderful attitude!



Kids table for Thanksgiving....

Grownups table for Thanksgiving...

Lots of preparations...

Dueling turkey carvers...fried turkeys.....Mr. P getting a photo too!

Busy, busy, busy!

Children constantly busy!

Some work a little bit, even if it is a holiday...


The painting I did of Sophie hangs on the wall....
Grandson with a painting he is doing....of Jamaica's Blue Mountains!

The fabulous weather made a group boat ride a sure thing....#1 son rowing...

While I kept the youngest grandchild safe on dry land!

Now to pack up and head home!
















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